In 1868, surrounded by the natural scenery of the Dumbrava forest and on the road that links Sibiu to the wonderful Paltinis mountain resort, the Guild of the Wool Weavers founded a small felt manufactory, meant for export only.

     Since then, the factory has undergone a continuous process of development, offering now a wide range of blankets, bed spreads, synthetic fur, all very functional and in various colors.

     Our company produces even tufted carpets, cropping tufted carpets, eyelet tufted carpets, Moldavian-patterned carpets and automotive carpets with special finishing.

    The tufted carpets that we produce are suitable for rooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, conference rooms, show rooms or training halls. These products are available in a wide range of colors, the are very easy to keep and have excellent thermic and phonic insulating. They create a pleasant enviroment and offer you, at the same time, the confort that you need.

     Our company is open to your suggestions regarding our products.
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